About Us

Khalayi means ‘small and beautiful’; We specialize in PERSONALISED blankies that are handmade just for you and your loves!

Our one-of-a-kind [and Made in Kenya] blankies are great for kids and adults, from locally sourced materials, and we use our creativity to make memorable gifts that will be cherished forever. Make sure to check them out out here, as well as other gift items that we have carefully selected to make your gift-giving experience easy, memorable and perfect!

If you’re not that great with cellotape and paper, no worries; we’ve got you sorted since all our items are delivered ready-to-gift!

Happy Gifting!

little bit about me.....

My passion comes from my love for gifting and sewing.

I enjoy the freedom that many clients give me to use my creativity to make gifts that are appreciated both by the giver and the recipient.

I have gained most of my skills from tutorials, experimenting and learning from many mistakes along the way and learning from others.

I am in charge of the creative design of Khalayi products; and with the help of other skilled and trained individuals by combining hand skills with machinery, we are able to come up with products that our clients are completely satisfied and happy with!…


My Creative Process



Pray and Pray

That needles don’t break, clients are happy and babies are blessed by the work of my hands.



Love and Love

Each and every little thing that is made in our workshop or manufactured by our affiliate brands.



Work Hard and Rest

Sorry folks, we are closed on Sundays